Why Art ?

Many studies prove that art is a healing tool; it helps us express the inexpressible, it preserves our humanity and our dignity and makes us feel alive in face of all kinds of challenges.

Art allows us to:

  • Dream and achieve our dreams,
  • Build perseverance, confidence and patience,
  • Keep our calm despite all odds,
  • Enhance our public speaking skills,
  • Adjust to changing environments,

For all the above reasons and many more ATTC’s Home Arts, Homecoming Project worked with Independent Syrian artists and cultural operators in and from Syria to

a) help sustain their work, and b) support them to provide means for building resilience in their respective communities particularly amongst youth and women in the Syrian Diaspora.

This went hand in hand with the delicate task of bringing together Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon with individuals from the host communities to start the long process of eliminating misconceptions and stereotypes and starting to accept the ‘other’.

All this was made possible through different performing art activities such as:

  • Providing story-based psycho social support
  • Training
  • Encounters
  • Productions
  • Performances

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